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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Come with Questions: An Answer to the Argument against Short-Term Development Efforts

The first time I felt it, I was riding in an open-bed truck down the streets of Port-au-Prince. There was no shortage ofView full post »

Thank You, Mom, For Letting Me Go

I was always a free spirit. Seeking adventure, craving excitement. I wanted to learn more and experience new things. YouView full post »

Marrying a Doctor Wrecked My Life: 5 Things Doctors Wish Moms Knew

  When my college boyfriend was accepted to medical school, I have to admit…my chest stuck out a little higher. ThatView full post »

Setting Boundaries & Dying to Self

For the past year, my life has been consumed with collecting journal articles, analyzing data, and writing papers on theView full post »

Adoption Update: Home Study

Our world has been so consumed with moving overseas, I’ve done a poor job of communicating where we are in the processView full post »

Find Rest, My Soul

GUYS. We are currently experiencing the War of Ant Infestation of 2014. It’s been composed of one bazillion miniatureView full post »

For All You Marthas Out There

There are some women who just ooze sweet. They’re the women who are so excited about life that when you walk away fromView full post »

In Community, WE CAN

I remember the day that it hit me. I can’t do this anymore…I’ve taken on too much. It was the week we were movingView full post »