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I suppose it was in me from the beginning. The burden of social injustice. My mother was at a loss with her five-year-old who prayed for the kids who drank muddy water.

The weight of white privilege has been a load I’ve carried for far too long. Like a shackle around my ankle, dragging through every one of those muddy water holes, I’ve guilted myself for every benefit of my skin color, education level, and income bracket.

I begged God to make me poor, but He gave me a doctor to marry. I moved overseas to serve, but now I am the wealthiest in my neighborhood. I never aspired to be an expert, but Divine intervention placed me in a PhD program.

No matter how hard I try to humble myself, The Father keeps pushing me forward. When I try and run away from His overwhelming grace, I am drowning in it so deeply He must save me from myself. 

And quietly, like a still, small voice, He reminds me, ”I made you for this.”

It’s time I stepped into the shoes God asked me to fill. I may be a white Westerner, but I have a voice that can speak on behalf of those without a platform. I have hands that can rescue my adopted son from a motherless childhood in Lesotho. I have a heart that is ready to welcome the stories of the destitute. I have a head that can study development strategies and design capacity-building efforts.

I have knowledge of the One True God that is aching to redeem His people back into His loving arms.

Maybe I was born into a wealthy family. Maybe I like stuff, and maybe I have been given so very much so that I can GIVE SO VERY MUCH.

We depend on one another—those who live with and those who live without. Because in their beautiful brokenness, the world’s poor mend the inner parts of my tattered being. Their stories, their resilience, their song.

Yes, it’s true. I need the poor just as much as the poor need me.



Wynne 'Trippet' ElderMay 15, 2014 - 3:24 am

such beautiful words girl! i saw you on IG the other day and was entranced in your story and now here you are again! so cool!