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Adoption Update + BEAUTIFUL Quilt Raffle!

This blog space has led me into so many of your lives, and allowed me to connect with you on some deep, meaningful levels.

When you reach out, comment, or send me an email, I love reading as you spill your guts to me about the things you’re rejoicing over, wrestling with, or healing from. Really, I wouldn’t be able to write if I didn’t feel confident that someone would be willing to chat with me after I throw out a few hundred words.

Sometimes, pretty amazing things come from the connections on this space, and today I’m celebrating one of those!

Denise Karnes was a stranger to me before we began a dialogue in the comments section here and then on Facebook. This like-minded sister wrote me one day and offered to make a quilt to raffle as an adoption fundraiser for our little one, and I read her email with the most astonished look on my face.

I couldn’t believe someone would spend hours piecing together a quilt, just to give it away to someone she’d never met! And what’s more, Denise even offered to manage this raffle for me so that my brain wouldn’t be tackling this alone.

I am feeling all kinds of loved, and I can’t wait to share the next phase of our adoption journey with all of you.


Gavin and I have had quite the runaround trying to get our dossier prepped for Uganda. I will spare you the rabbit trail of details, but I will tell you that it included:

–> a hand-delivery of our home study via our NGO President/CEO, all the way across the ocean to Asia

–> a long morning at the U.S. Embassy, looking for answers for how to process our child’s initial immigration application (I600A)

–> emails with our Consular Chief and chats with the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok

–> another hand-delivery of dossier documents and USCIS paperwork by our fabulous NGO President/CEO, this time back to America

–> Gavin’s precious mother digging through EVERY.SINGLE.BOX we left in her basement, searching for a copy of my college diploma

–> $1,400 invoice to finalize our dossier preparation


We are feeling SO CLOSE to actually being eligible for a match! 

We are itching with anticipation.


Our least favorite part of this process is definitely the one where we ask people to help us. I would give anything to be made of money in circumstances like these.

And yet, I don’t believe I would understand the depth and love of the Lord’s Body if it weren’t for our dependence on people like you.

Are you ready for the part where you can jump in? Thanks to Denise Karnes, I’m actually EXCITED to share this opportunity with you!

For every $10 that’s donated to our adoption fund this month, your name will be put in a drawing to win this gorgeous, handmade quilt!


The quilt measures 51” x 63” and is made of 100% cotton fabric and bamboo batting. Denise machine quilted it in a loop-the-loop pattern with gray thread.


I love that this raffle is just in time for the Christmas holidays! The fundraiser will continue until the end of November, and Denise will ship it to the winner December 1.

Here’s what you can do to WIN!

  1. Give via PayPal to LPINKST@clemson.edu (100% will go towards the Dossier Fee of $1,400)!
  2. Give via PureCharity (PureCharity will earn 5% commission, but the rest will go towards the Dossier Fee).
  3. Share this information on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #PINKSTONQUILTRAFFLE.

Remember: For every $10 and every share, your name will be put in the raffle to win!


We would love to cover our entire Dossier Fee with this fundraiser. We are currently sitting at $1,121. That means that $279 will completely carry us through this payment.

Are there 30 of you who would be willing to give $10?
Are there 15 of you who would be willing to give $20?
Are there 10 of you who would be willing to give $30?

It is a joy to share this process with you. We are already imagining our family pictures with this next little one, and can’t wait for the time to be here when we can love another child.

Thank you, Denise, for your incredible generosity.
Thank you to everyone who has already given and who will give. We are forever indebted to you!