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If All I Had Was Jesus

In case you haven’t heard, I entered a contest. And in case you haven’t heard, I had to drop out of the contest. IView full post »

When You Need the Grace to Say YOU are a Good Mom

I got all nostalgic yesterday thinking about my first year as a mother. My hubby walked into the room {where he thoughtView full post »

Setting Boundaries & Dying to Self

For the past year, my life has been consumed with collecting journal articles, analyzing data, and writing papers on theView full post »

Find Rest, My Soul

GUYS. We are currently experiencing the War of Ant Infestation of 2014. It’s been composed of one bazillion miniatureView full post »

For All You Marthas Out There

There are some women who just ooze sweet. They’re the women who are so excited about life that when you walk away fromView full post »

In Community, WE CAN

I remember the day that it hit me. I can’t do this anymore…I’ve taken on too much. It was the week we were movingView full post »

On Dreams and Expectations

Here I sit. Typing on a Macbook Pro, wearing my American clothes, listening to the buzz of the developing world flowView full post »

Chasing God and Shutting Up

I’ve been chasing God for some time now. Hey, God. Here I am. Send me. Use me. Tell me what you want me to DO. AtView full post »

On Baby Baths and Baptism

My daughter takes baths in our kitchen sink. Call me old fashioned, but we only have a shower in our apartment and $40View full post »

Reverse Psychology with Satan {On Obedience & Fear}

The sun was going down. The air was warm and still. Let’s go across the lake, Jesus said to his friends. Jesus hadView full post »

What I Need from My Pastors

Last Fall, our team went through some pretty rigorous psychological evaluations. We told our stories, we rehashed ourView full post »

Lord, Take My Life

The words I’ve been crucified with Christ have been scribbled on my bathroom mirror for about six months now. ExpoView full post »

Just Keepin’ It Real {Oversharing & Overcaring}

If you’re not big into confession, this post is not for you. If you write one or more Facebook statuses a day…yep,View full post »

The Problem with the Hurried Life

It’s a day of last-minute gift buying, no shame line-cutting, and absolute madness. I mean it’s the day before theView full post »

Jesus is Offensive

This is not a post about Phil Robertson. But can I just say, Give the guy a break? And A&E, too, for that matter.View full post »