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My Womb Aches for Life, While My Baby Is In Another Woman’s Arms

This post originally appeared at Missional Women. —————— I don’t know how to tellView full post »

Define Your Role as Servant {Velvet Ashes}

I felt invalidated for a long time. It began in a faith culture where women were to be quiet and keep their spiritualView full post »

Inviting My Children to Experience the Kingdom

This post is part of a series titled Redefining Biblical Womanhood. Check out the other parts of the series here. —View full post »

Giving Up on the Mommy Wars

Earlier this week, I heard from a young woman—an intelligent, strong young women—who confessed her fear of havingView full post »

For the Back-to-School Teacher Mom

I remember the Christmas of 2012 so well…it was when we finally announced our pregnancy with extended family andView full post »

When You Need the Grace to Say YOU are a Good Mom

I got all nostalgic yesterday thinking about my first year as a mother. My hubby walked into the room {where he thoughtView full post »

Thank You, Mom, For Letting Me Go

I was always a free spirit. Seeking adventure, craving excitement. I wanted to learn more and experience new things. YouView full post »

Marrying a Doctor Wrecked My Life: 5 Things Doctors Wish Moms Knew

  When my college boyfriend was accepted to medical school, I have to admit…my chest stuck out a little higher. ThatView full post »

The Problem with the Hurried Life

It’s a day of last-minute gift buying, no shame line-cutting, and absolute madness. I mean it’s the day before theView full post »

What I Want My Daughter To Know About Body Image

I flew into Colorado last night, a little tired from wrestling with an active six month old. My early Christmas presentView full post »

Mary, Did You {REALLY} Know?

It’s 1 AM. I shouldn’t be awake. I shouldn’t be thinking. And I definitely shouldn’t be writing about anythingView full post »

The Adoption Process {Just the Basics}

I will say it again. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support since Gavin and I announced theView full post »

Home is Wherever I’m with You {My First Adoption Breakdown}

I wouldn’t say that I’m the whitest white person I’ve ever known. I guess I could always wear more ruffle-bottomView full post »

The Pinterest Complex {and the guilt of womanhood}

This post is dedicated to all you ladies, mommas, teenage girls, {and I guess effeminate men} who have a love-hateView full post »