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A Foreigner’s Perspective on the Refugee Crisis

When I lived in the United States, my life was very much red, white, and blue {well, mostly white, middle-class} withView full post »

How to Stay Sane When Living Abroad {Velvet Ashes}

Last summer, I submitted a 47-page thesis exploring the mental health functioning of career medical professionalsView full post »

I’m More Hot Mess than Scripted Ministry

It’s been an incredibly busy week month of meetings, personal check-ins, and soul care for our friends in SE Asia. OurView full post »

My Team is My Body {Velvet Ashes}

When people ask me, “What is the hardest part of living overseas?” my immediate response is “Getting along withView full post »

Allowing Our Hearts to Be Shepherded Abroad {Velvet Ashes}

I really can’t begin to tell you the amount of crazy that has been my life the month of March. I spent threeView full post »

Define Your Role as Servant {Velvet Ashes}

I felt invalidated for a long time. It began in a faith culture where women were to be quiet and keep their spiritualView full post »

The Transient Community of A Life Overseas {Velvet Ashes}

When I moved to Southeast Asia, she was one of the first people I met. We were staying in a teammate’s house thatView full post »

On the Expectation to Live Modestly

Several years before my husband and I moved abroad, we visited some friends living in Peru. They were well into a five-View full post »

I am Not a Good Person

Since our preparation to move abroad and during the time of our service overseas, we have been flooded with complimentsView full post »

I Hate Cliché Posts {This is a Cliché Post}

2014 will forever go down as the year that kicked my butt. In the thick of it, it didn’t seem so bad. My nose was toView full post »

A Second Rebirth {Velvet Ashes}

I am so honored to be joining Velvet Ashes as a regular contributor. (I’ve also been managing our InstagramView full post »

Standing in the Middle of No Man’s Land

I’m suffering from what feels like an eternal writer’s block. It’s not that I haven’t been trying. I’veView full post »

The 7th Month Slump

I miss people. I miss writing. I miss productivity. I miss Velveeta and Rotel dip. And sausage. And cornbread. AndView full post »

Jesus Knows Your Culture Shock

Gavin and I took a business trip across country borders last week and decided to stay an extra night in Thailand for funView full post »

On Dressing Up {A Culture Metaphor}

My mom wasn’t sleeping last night, so my lunchtime corresponded with her late night and BOOM—Facebook chat toView full post »