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I’m Not Entitled to Comfort

My husband and I have been busy mapping out the next year of our lives. Places to go, conferences to attend, visitors toView full post »

Where Humility and Empowerment Blend into Something Beautiful

Today I’m linking up with Velvet Ashes, an online community for women serving cross-culturally. I love the weeklyView full post »

When I’m Not Proud to Wave My American Flag

I’ve always been quite a passionate little thing. Someone thought it was a good idea to give me sidewalk chalk as aView full post »

The God of Kent Brantly

We met him a little over a year ago. My husband was taking an international medicine course at JPS Hospital in FortView full post »

How I’m Learning to Balance My Home and My Phone

People love their cell phones. I remember riding through the streets of Port-au-Prince years ago, completely overwhelmedView full post »

When Grief & Joy Get All Mixed Up

I haven’t written much about my baby girl turning the big O-N-E. To be honest, that was a week I wish to forget. I wasView full post »

I Just Wanted to Go to the Post Office

We have the pleasure of receiving mail in this fine, beautiful city. Our post office address is surprisinglyView full post »

Come with Questions: An Answer to the Argument against Short-Term Development Efforts

The first time I felt it, I was riding in an open-bed truck down the streets of Port-au-Prince. There was no shortage ofView full post »

Thank You, Mom, For Letting Me Go

I was always a free spirit. Seeking adventure, craving excitement. I wanted to learn more and experience new things. YouView full post »

Setting Boundaries & Dying to Self

For the past year, my life has been consumed with collecting journal articles, analyzing data, and writing papers on theView full post »

Find Rest, My Soul

GUYS. We are currently experiencing the War of Ant Infestation of 2014. It’s been composed of one bazillion miniatureView full post »

On Dreams and Expectations

Here I sit. Typing on a Macbook Pro, wearing my American clothes, listening to the buzz of the developing world flowView full post »

Never Forget Your Roots

I was raised in small-town Tennessee. You know, where you need a stepladder to climb into the trucks and women competeView full post »

Lord, Take My Life

The words I’ve been crucified with Christ have been scribbled on my bathroom mirror for about six months now. ExpoView full post »

There is Nowhere that God is Not

In an attempt to fight for the calm in my life, I’m sitting with my coffee and banana-nutella-toast. Some thingsView full post »