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A Foreigner’s Perspective on the Refugee Crisis

When I lived in the United States, my life was very much red, white, and blue {well, mostly white, middle-class} withView full post »

I <3 Noonday Collection

Maybe you remember that this time last year I was trying to win a blogging trip to Rwanda with Noonday Collection. YouView full post »

My Womb Aches for Life, While My Baby Is In Another Woman’s Arms

This post originally appeared at Missional Women. —————— I don’t know how to tellView full post »

Where’s the Blogging Outrage Against Injustice?

I’ve never called myself a blogger, even though I suppose I am. I don’t know…I’m not exactly trying to make aView full post »

Why I Continue to Give to Beggars

Today I sat by the window of a small café in a capital city of the developing world. The waitress brought the GreekView full post »

Pure and Undefiled Religion is Within Our Grasp

Pure and undefiled religion. It’s a catchy phrase that draws us in. But it’s wrapped in tragedy. Children with noView full post »

Adoption Update + BEAUTIFUL Quilt Raffle!

This blog space has led me into so many of your lives, and allowed me to connect with you on some deep, meaningfulView full post »

Adoption is Just Flat Messy

At any given time, there are about as many tabs open in my brain as are open on my laptop. My Safari app presently hasView full post »

No Ordinary Days

Last week, I spent some time hanging out on Liz Griffin’s blog space, Lark and Bloom. I felt like I was jumpingView full post »

The Role of White Privilege in Adoption

I’m no stranger to the White Man’s Burden. It’s the guilt of having so much in a world where the majority has soView full post »

A Letter to the Apathetic Church

When is it going to be enough? What more evils do we need to witness to lose sleep over the state of humanity? MoreView full post »

When I’m Not Proud to Wave My American Flag

I’ve always been quite a passionate little thing. Someone thought it was a good idea to give me sidewalk chalk as aView full post »

Help a Sister Out?

In 2012, I spent six weeks with the Maasai people in the Mara of Kenya. My time with them was all too short, but theView full post »

Help Me Win the Blogging Trip of My Dreams!

Noonday Collection and the International Justice Mission are sponsoring a blogging trip this July to Rwanda. PleaseView full post »

#bringbackourgirls: Are their guns louder than our love?

It seemed wrong sipping a freshly brewed coffee the other night while my husband and I discussed the current nightmareView full post »