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Learn about Human Trafficking: Where to Start

Human trafficking is a sexy topic today, and this is not my complaining voice. I rejoice when people are interested in engaging topics surrounding respect, human rights, and justice.

I started researching the concept of human trafficking in 2008 after taking a college course called “Diversity in America.” Honestly, I was late to the game. I was young and the world was still big to me then. But like any of you who have read about the horrors of modern-day slavery, I was unnerved.

I set out to learn anything I could about the topic, but still, the issue seemed so far from my front door. Hundreds of articles, dozens of conference sessions, and loads of networking later, it feels strange to trace the steps back to my undergraduate days. Here I am, on the ground in SE Asia, an anti-trafficking practitioner writing a dissertation about human trafficking prevention in a land-locked, Communist country.

Many people ask me for information and resources, so I wanted to compile some of those for you here. Simply click on the links to learn more. But beware…once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop…so make sure you have several hours and a comfortable place to sit.


Types of Human Trafficking:
Child Brides
Child Soldiers

General Information:
Slavery Footprint
Made in a Free World
Love 146
Polaris Project
Not for Sale
U.S. TIP Report

Other Resources:
Lancet TIP Study: SE Asia (Academic Journal)
Hands that Heal (Curriculum)
Shine Hope (Curriculum)
Human Rights Watch (Organization)
The History of the Cheap Dress (Blog Entry)

Hashtags to Scroll:

Prevention Projects:
The Sold Project

Protection Projects:
International Sanctuary
Stella’s Voice

Prosecution Projects:
The Exodus Road

Fair Trade Companies:
Noonday Collection (My friend Amber’s Ambassador page is linked!)
Raven & Lily
Purpose Jewelry
Garment Collective
Imagine Goods
The Root Collective


This list is not exhaustive and is ever-growing. If you know of a good resource that should be added here, please send a link my way! You can contact me below.

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