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Mary, Did You {REALLY} Know?

It’s 1 AM. I shouldn’t be awake. I shouldn’t be thinking. And I definitely shouldn’t be writing about anything Biblical. But, here I am.

It’s all because of a Christmas song I have always hated.

When Mary Did You Know comes on the radio at Christmastime, I usually push the buttons on my dash frantically to get to a different station. Songs about Mary and Jesus are always written in a minor key with some Enya-sounding instrument in the background.

{Case in point: Breath of Heaven.}

I guess becoming a mother has turned me into a softie, though. I was driving alone last week and the words to this song shook me like never before.

Mary did you know…when you kissed your little baby, you kissed the face of God?

Man, I love my kid. She’s sweet, funny, and full of every ounce of goodness. I kiss her incessantly. So does Gavin. So does everybody else in the world. I’ve probably kissed half of the old ladies at my church just by kissing Eliza’s face second-hand.

But in all seriousness, Mary, DID you know?

Did you know that you would give birth to the Son of God? Did you know that you would be visited by wise men who would bring the richest gifts to a humble stable? Did you know that you would have to escape with your brand new baby to a new land?

Did you know that you would have to fear for your son’s life? Did you know you would be entrusted with keeping the world’s Redeemer alive? Did you know you’d have to take him to yet another new city, meet new people, and try to fit in?

Did you know what prophecy said would become of your son? Did you wait in utter anxiety, worrying about the future pain He would have to endure? Did you want to protect Him? Did you want Him to protect you?

Did you know that He would have such a following? Did you know that thousands of people would call on His name? Did you know that nations would rise and fall, all because of the impact of His life? Did you know that millions of lives would be changed because of the birth of YOUR little boy?

Did you know that some lady would be sitting in a living room 2,000 years later at 1 AM writing about your son, because she just couldn’t get Him off her mind?

Probably not, or you would have needed a life supply of Xanax.


Honestly, I hope that God protected Mary from knowing all of this. When I look at my daughter and kiss her face, I’m scared to death to know what she will live through. I also love to sit and dream about all the people she will bless in her lifetime.

But there’s nothing I would pay to know it. Each day is a faith step. Each minute is a glimpse into the future. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I held my precious baby tonight as she fell asleep, savoring the smell of her skin and rhythm of her breathing. I look at her and I swell with pride and joy and love. And I want the whole world to know that she is MY baby.

eliza snow 2013f

Mary might not have known the implications of her carrying, delivering, and raising the Promised One. But I know she had to have swollen with an extra dose of pride and joy and love. When she kissed that tiny face, she kissed the face of God.


I may just keep the radio station playing the next time I hear these words.



Sara @ GaijinMomDecember 8, 2013 - 2:04 am

Girlfriend. I thought the exact.same.thing just two days ago. Good gracious, I hope she didn’t. The older I get, the more I so appreciate Mary. I love that Christ’s last act was to make sure his mother was cared for… What a testament to her.

Will N.December 8, 2013 - 7:24 am

Great post, Lauren.

What always amazed me about Mary is that she knew – but then she didn’t know later on. She had the vision and heard the prophecy that she was the one, received the divine Spirit pregnancy, but then throughout Jesus’s life she seems to forget. Maybe she had to forget to deal with the awesomeness of it all. I just think it goes to show that even the best and most holy people often lose sight of God’s plan. That gives me hope in that if the way is not always clear to them, I shouldn’t be surprised that it so often isn’t clear to me.

Love the updated blog and I am praying for all your plans.

AmberDecember 8, 2013 - 8:52 pm

I felt the same way the first time I read the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac after I had Brady. I studied and read that many times before, but once I became a mother I could not read it without thinking like a mother. I am confident had God asked Sarah to sacrifice Isaac, the story would have ended much differently. Motherhood is a miraculous thing in so many ways. One being that it changes your mind. Case and point= angry birds wrapping paper. Love you, sweet friend. :)