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Adoption Update: Home Study

Our world has been so consumed with moving overseas, I’ve done a poor job of communicating where we are in the process of bringing our next sweet baby home.

I don’t want to weigh you down with the massive amount of details surrounding the adoption process. There’s more information than even I understand or could explain. I’m basically learning enough to progress to the next phase myself.

But regardless of how high our piles of paperwork or how thick our information binder, we are thankful every time we can mark something off the to-do list. We are marching closer to the end goal of loving a child in our forever home. I hope this quick post is informative!

Basic Information

Gavin and I have applied to adopt a 0-1 year old boy from Maseru, Lesotho. We have no idea when to expect this adoption to be finalized, or even how long before we receive a reference for a child. We are very close to wrapping up the home study portion of this process. After that, we will submit a huge folder of paperwork to the orphanage (called a dossier), and then begin applying for immigration/citizenship approval for our future son. While we wait for that approval, we will also be applying for many grants to help fund the $30,000+ cost of this little adventure.

Once we are fully approved by the U.S. Department of State to bring a child into our American family, we can accept a Lesothoan referral of a child. Then we wait for a local lawyer/case worker to prepare the adoption from the host country. When everything looks finalized, we will travel to Lesotho for 21 days to spend time with the little dude and learn about his first home.

Finally, we will bring him to the U.S. for more paperwork and legal document preparation. We will also use this time to introduce you all to our latest addition, and catch him up on immunizations/international healthcare checkups. Once we’ve been Stateside for a while, we will bring him home to Asia and start building norms for our family of four.

Examples of Paperwork We’ve Completed

Individual Personal Histories
Financial Statements
Personal Interviews
Book Reports
Medical Examinations
Proof of Health/Life/Renter’s Insurance
Proof of Employment
Legal Guardianship
Fingerprinting/Criminal Background Checks
Online Training Certificates
Reference Letters
Birth Certificates
Marriage License
List of Previous Residences
Description of Child Desired


Love is Waiting

We cannot begin to thank you enough for all the support you showed us during our t-shirt fundraiser! We were so honored to be featured on Love is Waiting, and you showed up in a BIG way! It was so fun to watch your sales come through social media, and even more exciting to see you wearing your shirts or using your journals! Thank you for making what is important to us important to you. It means more to us than you will ever ever ever know.

(P.S. If you missed that one and only fundraiser, you can still donate –> to our PureCharity account!) End shameless plug.


Home Visit

We are so excited to welcome a social worker from China into our new home in just a few weeks. She will fly into our city just to meet our family and write a report about our household. We were afraid that the majority of our paperwork would have to be redone with our recent move and updated address, but our agency specializes in expat adoptions and things are looking much more promising than we thought. Praise Him for how quickly this meeting has been scheduled!


There are times the thought of everything involved in this process truly overwhelms me. I feel inadequate, unworthy, and unsure of my ability to mother a child that I didn’t grow in my womb. I can’t imagine any husband and wife doing this without the support of others. It would have to be impossible. You have sent me articles, cleaned my house, baked me brownies, encouraged me with words, donated to our cause, and lifted us up in prayer.


Thank you to everyone who has asked about our son. Thank you to everyone who has been eager to learn. And thank you to everyone who cared enough to read this post. It really takes a village to raise a child, and we count you as an invaluable part of the lives of our babies.

Thank you for loving us well.