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#bringbackourgirls: Are their guns louder than our love?


It seemed wrong sipping a freshly brewed coffee the other night while my husband and I discussed the current nightmare unfolding in Nigeria.

I can’t articulate this story better than Kristen Howerton {Rage Against the Minivan}, so if this event is news to you, please take a moment to read about it here.

Over 200 girls between ages 16-18, abducted from their boarding school, being sold off in people markets as sex slaves. All by a militant group called Boko Haram, which loosely means “Western education is sin.”

My husband asked legitimate questions. How do you just kidnap that many girls? How can people just get away with that? Why can’t they find a group of girls that big?


It’s all I could think to say. Nothing seemingly educated came to mind.

Boko Haram has been waging a war of terror in Nigeria for five years, specifically taking aim at Western education. The group has killed at least 2,300 people since 2010. Much like Joseph Kony in Uganda, their reign of terror relies on extreme violence, including bombings, massacres, and kidnappings. They hide in the bush and rely on fear and violence to evade capture. {via}

How is it that international aid and development efforts are so prevalent, but genocide and exploitation are just as rampant?

Have their guns become louder than our love?

Are there more people with weapons than us with servant hands? Are there more who bully in schools than us who speak words of grace? Are those who use women’s bodies for pleasure more than us who ache to bring them freedom?

I fear that we live in a world where the people holding God’s Law of Truth are less confident to fight than those holding a religious book of radical lies.

And we sit and watch, as those with their big guns neglect, abuse, and kill our young girls.

Maybe we don’t witness the evils first-hand. But we allow them.

We allow the evils when we scroll past their stories. We allow the evils when we think they’re not relatable. We allow the evils when we forget about our humanity.

Every ounce of our every being demands that we call out for the sake of these children. They are in us and we are in them because we share in this thing we call life.

Young girls. A family’s daughters. A community’s hope. A country’s future.


We can’t all run to their rescue in the bush of Nigeria. But we can do something. We can give the girls whose mouths are covered with violent hands a voice.

We can tell the world about their injustices using the hashtag #bringbackourgirls.

We can sign a White House petition {here} and plea that the UN partner with the Nigerian government to make the rescues.

We can join hands with our international community and pray on behalf of the fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers crying out for the return of their beloved.

Their guns have won this battle, but our love can win this war.



Father, hear our cry to you! Protect these innocent ones from the Evil one. Cover their eyes from the horrific sites, their ears from the terrifying sounds, and their hearts from the hardened anger of the wrongs done to them. Lover, Healer, Redeemer…rescue these girls into Your Mighty Hands. Amen.