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Give Me a Sunday



Give me a Sunday, and I’ll be all right.

When it’s been a week of exhausting debate. When I’ve beaten my hands on the shower tiles and begged to have a less risky life. When I’m so defeated by the world and all of its lies.

When I’m weary from standing for truth. When my judgment is cloudy and my confidence is shaky. When I’m tempted to defend myself instead of the name of Christ.

Give me a Sunday, and I’ll be all right.

Because Sunday is when Truth is spoken. Sunday is when we gather. Sunday is when sanctification works most powerfully through communion.

When the words that spill from my lips in praise set my mind on a path that’s straight. When I remember who I am and Whose I am why I’m here and what I do. When I know that His power is made perfect in my weakness.

Sunday is when I become brave again.

It’s when my brothers and sisters surround me in love, and through the touch of their hands and the love in their prayers, I remember that I am chosen.

Sunday is when I open the Good News with others who so desperately seek to soak up its wisdom. And we talk. And we share. And we laugh and we cry. And we welcome the Spirit into that place.

And He fills us. Our hearts and our minds.

And He heals us. Our failures and fears.

And He reminds us that our task is not yet done.

Sunday is when we look ahead, toward the next week’s challenge to go into the world and love well.

We have honest words to speak. We have justice to seek. We have people to set free.

But give us a few days, and we will be weary again.

Because the world will reject us. And we will stand tired. And we will feel defeated.

BUT…we will drag our beaten up, spit on, ridiculed hearts back together next Sunday.

Because Sunday is when things that once were dead are resurrected from the grave.

Sunday is when we once again take a long, deep breath and begin to live.

Give me a Sunday, and I’ll be all right.