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The Transient Community of A Life Overseas {Velvet Ashes}


When I moved to Southeast Asia, she was one of the first people I met. We were staying in a teammate’s house that shared a wall with Calah’s backyard.

I was outside at the same time she was one day, and we introduced ourselves. The discussion quickly led to the things I needed to acquire in order to set up our new home, and Calah told me all about the stores I should hold out for across the border in Thailand.

Sometimes you just need something happy, you know? Something that’s pretty and makes you feel normal, she said.

It was immediately evident that we would be great friends.

Before long, we were grabbing cups of coffee together and going out for massages. She showed me around town and helped me avoid some major cultural faux pas early into my transition abroad.

Our husbands connected, our children fell in love with each other, and our families spent increasingly more time together.

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