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My Team is My Body {Velvet Ashes}


When people ask me, “What is the hardest part of living overseas?” my immediate response is “Getting along with other expats.”

 It sounds so incredibly 7th grade, I know. But we are a strong-willed, convicted, highly emotional crew. And when you stick a bunch of us on a team and say, “Now go be best friends,” well, it doesn’t just happen that easily.

The storming happens. The annoyances occur. The feelings are hurt.

There was one day that I found myself so frustrated with certain people on my team that I hoped they would fail overseas and choose to go home.

It would be so much easier to do this work by myself. It would be so much faster and more efficient to put team meetings and team fellowship aside and just DO THE WORK.

After all, I came here to serve native people, didn’t I? I never intended to spend all my time coddling the emotional needs of my teammates abroad!

I would honestly never want *the field* to claim anyone. Yet there I was that day anyway, wishing this very thing on my teammates.

Wow. Sin. Sin in my heart.

I am being overly vulnerable here making you privy to my ugly thoughts. Give me some grace, girls.

Because after spending some time in Romans 12, I’ve been jolted back to a new reality. GOD’S reality.

And that reality is this:


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