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The Freedom to Go Slow {Velvet Ashes}

When we move overseas, we think we’re moving alone.

We may only be responsible for the people who share our surname and travel itinerary, but the reality is that we’re bringing a lot of baggage.

Of course you know I’m not talking about the suitcases (although there are a lot of those, too)….it’s the emotionalbaggage that weighs us down, my friends.

And do you know where I hear it stemming from most often? The relationship between religious expatriates and their senders.

Foreign servants and our supporting fellowships. We depend on each other and yet we inject insurmountable portions of stress into each other’s lives.

I’m here to talk about the dynamics of the first year of living abroad. But I want to write to two audiences: the goers AND the senders. And I want to be a middleman of sorts.

Because the people who go are only as strong as the people supporting them to go.

So, lest you think you’re running away to a foreign land alone, I’d like to propose a revolutionary concept: WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER. Goers and Senders.

Not in a we-need-money-and-they-need-workers kind of way. But rather, in a the-Kingdom-of-God-is-at-hand kind of way.

And I’m afraid there are a few things that need to be said on neutral turf. Click here to read two short letters addressed to the above.