5 Mistakes to Not Make While Discussing The Thesis

5 Mistakes to Not Make While Discussing The Thesis

The discussion of the degree thesis, that is the last official act before the much sought-after degree, could provoke a bit of anxiety and fear in the student at the thought that they will speak in public before a commission and probably also before relatives and friends, yours and others. However, it will be a day to live to the fullest. So I advise you to simply think that you have reached the finish line and, above all, that you have already demonstrated who you are. The fateful day it will be important to be able to control nervousness, but also try not to overdo it to impress the commission. Keep calm and, above all, try to avoid these five mistakes that could affect the final vote.

1. Don’t Look Into The Eyes The Commission

Often the candidate starts talking looking at everything except the commission! It will be the fault of nervousness or a matter of shyness. However, it is very important to address the members of the commission directly and looking into their eyes, often “turning” the gaze to the right and to the left in order to involve everyone. In this way you will demonstrate security and capture the attention of committee members.

2. Be too prolix

Remember that your arguments must always be clear and detailed and never too long, otherwise you risk boring the commission. So I advise you to work out in the days preceding the discussion by exposing the thesis several times to relatives or friends, trying to state only the arguments necessary to make you reach the planned time (about 10 minutes).

3. Make a meeting!

There are people who can’t hold back even on the day of their degree thesis! In fact, the topic is often so exciting or felt, that during the show the student begins to gesticulate with his arms, raise his tone of voice and address the public from behind! However, this is an attitude that will most often upset the commission. So try to behave politely and respectfully.

4. Speak Too Fast

Sometimes, anxiety or agitation can cause the show to be so fast that it makes it impossible for the commission to understand what we are talking about! The only result you will get will be to be interrupted several times, thus risking losing the thread of the conversation.

5. Finish the Exposition of the Thesis in Advance

Even if fortunately it does not happen often, it can happen that some students succeed in exposing the thesis in quick way answering without questions also to the questions of the speakers … and they finish in advance in comparison to the standard times, remaining then in silence. To avoid this inconvenience, I advise you to prepare, in the days before the discussion, a small “note” to add to the main speech in the event that the exhibition ends early.

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