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Can we pretend you’re dropping by for coffee? I think that will help us set the stage for good conversation.

I want you to feel comfortable in this space, because I’m likely to get deeply honest and genuinely vulnerable with you here. That’s why it’s best if we’re sitting on couches, with our legs curled underneath us and our hands clasped around a warm mug.

This place is about stories. About the ways God is remaking me and the experiences through which He’s teaching me.  One thing’s from sure: I’m far from perfect. And as much as I try to be, I keep falling on my face.

I will mess up here. I will speak out of turn. I will fumble through the highs and lows of an upwardly dependent life. But my God is bigger than my failures, and every single pixel of this space is worth it if He is glorified.

I’m a teacher turned community development student. I live in Southeast Asia with my incredible husband and our one-year-old daughter. We’re waiting anxiously to bring home a son from Lesotho, Africa.

I believe in justice. I believe in doing hard things. I believe in gray areas.

And I believe in God’s grace covering us through all of our efforts to please Him.

Hey, and I am an everyday woman who likes home décor and all kinds of curries and a compilation of Avett Brothers music. I carry so much of my Tennessee upbringing with me, while I add on the complex layers of world travel.

More than anything, I am for people—and for people honoring the One True King.


LPJuly 4, 2014 - 12:51 am

I believe I first heard of your blog via another Christian friend of mine, whose blog’s name I can’t remember.

My attention was drawn back to your blog by another blogger’s rebuttal to your boobs post. I don’t think I need to tell you which blog post that was.
When I was reading the rebuttal, I agreed with everything other blogger said. “How insecure is she? What? Her husband can’t look at boobs? C’mon lighten up!”
Then I came back and read your blog.
The people who are ripping you a new one don’t understand where your values, faith, or belief lie, and how important it is to a strong Christian family to hold those same values dear. And how clearly self confident you are for being willing to bare your soul for the Internet to see.

I’m not a church mom somewhere in the Midwest. I’m a 29 year old lukewarm Christian from Seattle who is marrying an atheist in September. I just want you to know that you have allies on each side of the fence.

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