How to Make a Powerpoint Presentation

How to Make a Powerpoint Presentation

In some contexts, knowing how to use a program like Powerpoint can be very useful. I refer above all to the day on which the thesis will have to be discussed, in which the exhibition in front of the committee is often accompanied by the projection of slides in Powerpoint.

How to Make Slides in Powerpoint

It is in fact allowed to the student to present his / her paper with the help of slides that facilitate the discussion of the thesis. In particular, this type of work is very useful for exposing the topics in question in a more effective and linear way. In this regard, today we will see how to make perfect PowerPoint slides, so as to make a better impression on the graduation commission.

1. Setting

A dissertation must be set on a specific topic, doing extensive research. But, of course, on every slide the space available is little and therefore the contents on each one must be summarized to the maximum. This is because the task of the slide is to summarize the concept of our paper in just a few slides, so as to respect the expected times.

Therefore, the key concepts of the topic must be included in each slide so that the exposure is complete and consistent. However, in order for the PowerPoint slides to be effective, a sort of conceptual map must first be created, with a specific sentence on each slide, so as to develop the concept smoothly and without too many words.

2. Design and Layout

Although the content is what counts, even the “aesthetics” of a Power Point project has its importance. For example, colors and layout must have a minimal appearance. It is therefore necessary to avoid using colors that are too vivid, as they could not only be annoying in the eyes of the beholder, but could give the piece an unprofessional appearance.

The same goes for the overall layout, which must be linear and without annoying graphic elements. Keep in mind that you are doing something serious and professional. In these cases, simplicity is always the most appropriate choice.

3. Presentation

Creating effective PowerPoint slides also means presenting them in such a way as to be able to explain them in a few words. In this regard, I therefore advise you to disable automatic playback, so as to have time to explain the concepts expressed, both to the commission and to the assisting public. But this operation is also necessary because the interval between one slide and another is usually too short.

You must therefore slide the slides manually, also to avoid being too hasty with the explanations and to illustrate the thesis in the right times and ways.

Before the fateful day, however, I advise you to review the entire work on your computer by practicing the discussion, in order to understand what are the right times to be able to explain the thesis correctly and linearly.

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