How to Write Acknowledgments in a Degree Thesis

How to Write Acknowledgments in a Degree Thesis

The degree thesis is not only an essential step for the completion of university studies, but it is also the way the student has to show the knowledge acquired during the years of study. But in the drafting phase the relationship between the chosen lecturer, the supervisor and the graduating student becomes an often fundamental factor. In this sense, a more or less important part of the success of the thesis is often due to the contribution of the speaker. For this reason, thanking him is both a duty and a pleasure. Also because the teacher will be rewarded for a task that is not always easy and this with the modest inclusion of a sentence of thanks within the thesis. The problem is that many students often use a phrase book that does not suit the situation! For this reason, today I would like to give you some useful suggestions regarding the most suitable phrases to use to thank a professor for your degree thesis.

Before going into the topic, we must start from the header of the paper. The most effective is certainly: “I would like to sincerely thank my rapporteur, the professor … (name and surname)”.

Remember that this sentence of thanks must be inserted at the beginning of the thesis, before the index (but it is also fine in the queue). The important thing is to always put it in quotation marks.

Acknowledgments General Theses

One of the most beautiful and effective phrases could be: “For the ability that has been shown to stimulate my interest in the topic discussed here, to show me aspects of the same that I would probably have ignored without him, and finally, for his patience , and for the trust he has shown in me and the enthusiasm he has given me. ”Obviously, you can personalize it to your liking. But the meaning must be this. Below you can also enter any thanks to your family or a loved one.

Praise Of The Teacher

If you believe that your lecturer deserves something more than a simple praise sentence, you can consider a quote a little more elaborate. Something like: “For the example that you gave me and that I consider unforgettable, of how it is possible to love and make love the study and the knowledge of a subject not always easy, through our comparisons never banal but rather always constructive. It is a cultural and mental baggage that I will always carry with me in the rest of my life. “

In addition to the “official” praise cited above, it would be a nice gesture to give your rapporteur a small gift, accompanied by a thank you note for the contribution given to you in writing the thesis.

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